Sunday, February 05, 2012

AntWorks Ant Farm

Posted by PicasaHighly recommend it!!

Caroline got hers as a Christmas gift from her aunt/uncle/cousins after putting it on her wishlist from the Lakeshore Learning catalog. This sucka is totally worth the $20! You get the case filled with gel (that serves as the food for the ants) and a blue LED. You mail off for the ants. We were so eager (um...I was) that I didn't read the direction first which recommended putting the ants in the fridge for ten minutes before opening the container they came in so they'd be ... um, chilled. I just took the top off and poured them in, aggressive little buggers. I had to kill one or two for my own survival. One died in transit and his dead little body was integrated into the paths. But boy, these boys work hard! It has been really fascinating to watch how much they work. Their life expectancy is three weeks or so, so I do expect them to expire at any time. They slow down at night now, and I go to bed thinking they might be dead or almost-dead and wake to them moving around again like amazing little worker ants. We all love watching what they're doing!

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