Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hands, Mind, Heart, & Soul

I usually have several books going at once, but last night I realized that each book represents a different part of my life -- my hands, my mind, my heart, and my soul.

My hands relate to my job. Caroline is my job, so my current work-related read is Baby Signs. We're introducing Caroline to basic signs -- like food, drink, nurse, dirty (as in diaper) -- as well as some fun signs, like the animals, in hopes to make communicating less frustrating for her.

My mind, well, that's pretty obvious. During grad school, this reading was dictated to me. Currently I'm reading a compilation of research articles compiled by one of the professors from A&M on breastfeeding. It's called Breastfeeding: Biological Perspectives. It examines breastfeeding in other cultures, the impact of artifical milk and its marketing in our culture and others, age of natural weaning, and such. Dr. Dettwyler was working on the book when I took her class my senior year.

My heart is my true love, FICTION! I have an extensive to-read list and check out a new book from my list every other week. I hit the jackpot this week and the two books I was wait-listed for at the library came in -- Amy Tan's new book, Saving Fish from Drowning and Zadie Smith's On Beauty, my book club pick for this month. I have them both now, but I may return the Tan book and get back on the waiting list for it. I hate to hog two good books.

My soul is my spiritual reading, devotional or whatnot. Right now, I'm neglecting this part of my being. Now that I realize it, I'll pick up a good book to feed my soul.